Welcome to CG Homeschool Group

Our Mission

We are faith based homeschool group intentionally partnering together to help mentor, grow, and teach the next generation for a successful and courageous life in Christ.

Alicia Lockett is a born and raised New Mexican and a second generation homeschooling Mom. Along with her four siblings, Alicia was homeschooled from Pre-K to HS graduation. She has gone on to graduate college, have a career, get married, have two kids, and now is starting a new chapter of her life- homeschooling her own kids. She has a love for fitness, the outdoors, and spending time with her kids and husband. 

Alicia Lockett

Core values

  • To challenge students to grow in their relationship with God
  • To inspire a passion for learning
  • To respect God-given uniqueness of each child
  • To guide them in positive social interaction and relationship building.
  • To encourage them to positively influence their generation for God's kingdom.


  • To provide our children a safe environment to grow educationally as well as personally.
  • To develop friendship.
  • To provide an outlet for social activities.
  • To provide a support system for homeschool


  • Monthly/Every other month field trips and\or get togethers
  • Annual Holiday Parties (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's, etc.)
  • Quarterly Mom's night out